Gain access to 550+ fitness centers, offering 200 different sports activities, trainers and fitness centers in over 110 cities. With the Freefit app, you don’t need to commit to a specific club or sports center. You can train at the best gym’s, country clubs, swimming pools, yoga studios, outdoor classes and more at any of the participating facilities throughout Israel.


Membership for Wix Employees & Spouses
Wix will subsidize 40NIS each month for your subscription, so you pay only 259NIS per month. In addition, you can sign up your spouse/partner for an additional 349NIS per month. 


Family Entry Pass
Freefit also offers a multiple entry pass you can use to take your immediate family to country clubs, swimming pools, water ski and iJump with reduced prices of up to 40%.

Register here or Call 03-3730300.